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Hertzstraße 15  |  71083 Herrenberg - Gültstein  |  Deutschland/Germany

For years, we have been trend-setter with numerous innovations and concepts, thus surprising the market over and over again.

It is no coincidence that the biggest players in the industry relies on our experience and know-how developing new materials.

Established by company-founder and owner Claudia Khalil, first known as 

trendenzz - passion for design

KHALIL still remains as a family owned business.

Fashion Designer graduated at the famous university of Pforzheim in 1986.

Growing up in fashion and lifestyle, she has been influenced by contact with famous fashion designers such as Heinz Oestergard, Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Fabris and Francois Girbaud. Her focus has always been on developing new technologies and materials.

With Lavinia Khalil, the next generation is moving into the company.

Focusing on Invention Design, she will overtake the management and the lead of the company in the near future, once she has finished her studies in the area of “interaction design”

After succesfully working as a product designer  in the family bussines , he is now gaining experience in the management of Mars Immobilien GmbH.



Our Design studio is located in the heart of the automotive industry in Baden- Württemberg.

We can name Mercedes-Benz and Porsche as our neighbours and more direct partners

whom we have been

working together

for several years.



We like to call our studio a future lab where new things emerge.

We work together as a team really closely, in a family atmosphere, new ideas emerge and develop and turn out great with our qualities.